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2017-18 wild bird training program.

April / July:   200 acres of private training grounds allow for all ages of dog work.

Our puppy foundation training includes:  Introduction to birds, gun, e-collar, start whoa and recall work with lots of free running to start their proper ground patterning.  

Derby and adult dogs will focus on attaining a higher degree of bird manners (steady to wing and shot), finishing up the whoa command and further development of ground pattern.



July / September: This is when our wild bird training begins.

 Dogs will be run in the grouse woods and plains of Michigan. 

We will have a split program the month of August:

 Bruce and Jennie will head west to South Dakota to train on the prairies into September. 

 Neal will stay in Michigan to work grouse dogs.



October / November: Dogs will be worked in the grouse woods and on the plains of Northern Michigan.



November / March: This is our winter training trip. Camp is in South Georgia, training on the southern quail plantations.

 We have private training grounds with lots of wild quail.




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